Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stereoscopic 3D missing in nvidia control panel

I had just loaded a clean install of Windows 8 Professional.  I installed google earth and it was in 3D.  This was new and I've never seen this before.  Reading online it was because the Stereoscopic 3D was enabled, but there wasn't a section in the nvidia control panel.  Here is how I fixed it.

First I downloaded these drivers.  Link 

The card that I had in that machine was the Nvidia Quadro NVS 295.

After downloading the file, I chose custom install.  Here is where I noticed something was missing.
Notice in the picture below that the two 3D options are unchecked.  Previously the current version beside those were "Not Installed".  I selected all options and told it to a Perform a clean install.

After two reboots everything seemed back to normal and opened up the Nvidia control panel now and here is what I saw.

I now have the option to turn Stereoscopic 3D on and off.  By default I it was turned off.  I loaded up google earth and now it was back to 2D.

OS: Windows 8.1