Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to setup Eclipse to develop in PHP

This is for OS X.

I first went to here and downloaded the Eclipse classic version.  I also downloaded the 64-bit one.

Another couple of tidbits...

OS:  10.7.3
Using MAMP -> Other MAMP here

First thing you do is extract it.  I then moved the Eclipse folder to /Applications

I then launched Eclipse.  It told me I didn't have Java.  It will launch Software Update and download the correct version of Java.

It will then ask you about setting up a workspace.  If your using MAMP and want to use the htdocs folder, you will want to set the workspace to /Applications/MAMP/.

Note: In the instance you setup the workspace to some where else, go to "File -> Switchwork Space -> Other" to change it.

Next step is to go to Help -> Install New Software. Select the drop down box next to "Work with:" and select "--All Available Sites --". Wait a few minutes while it populates the fields below. In the filter box type PHP and you'll get 3 choices to install. Click finish and they will install.

If you already have existing files in a folder your going to use, I suggest as a backup to do a zip of all the files in the event something goes wrong.  I was fine, but just to be on the safe side, do it!

Then do File New -> Project, Select php project and type htdocs as your folder and it'll import everything you had previously.

If I find any more useful plugins or something else I"ll update this. If anyone wants to suggest plugs or tweaks please post in the comments below.

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