Thursday, November 27, 2014

Hackintosh Asus Rampage Formula (UPDATED: 10.10.1 Yosemite)

Asus Rampage Formula

Nvidia 6800GT

Audio: SupremeFX II (Chipset:AD1988B)
Source:  Link  Link  Link

Go to It is the place for everything.

Network Driver I found here

Download driver and put in /Extra/Extensions

Reboot and go into Network Preferences and it will say it found a new network device.

boot with flags:  PCIRootUID=0

How to install:  Link

boot with flags:  GraphicsEnabler=Yes -v

Took a couple of minutes but eventually booted.

How to install:  Link

After install was complete rebooted off USB selected the Mavericks Install Drive and booted with the flags again GraphicsEnabler=Yes -v

To get the network drivers to work was a little bit more tricky.  I first needed to download this utility.  It's called KW.zipI downloaded it to a USB drive and copied it over.  Unzipped the file and ran Kext Wizard.  Then click Installation -> Browse and then select the drive you downloaded from the above link.  The destination is important because it seems like the only way this will work is if you put it in System/Library/Extensions.  If you don't do it correctly, it will keep popping up with error messages.  This utility does it the right way.  Reboot and open Network Preferences.  It will say it found two interfaces.  For what ever reason it was saying that neither was connected.  I removed both by hitting the minus sign and readded en1.  I have the cable plugged into port 2 on the pack which is the top ethernet port.

So getting Yosemite has been tricky.  The previous versions seemed to go easier.  I finally got this working.  I couldn't get Unibeast to work perfectly so I tried Clover and that was even a bigger disaster.  Multibeast and Unibeast must have been updated since the first time I tried it.
Here is what I did:

Boot Flags: GraphicsEnabler=Yes

Multibeast Selected:
  • EasyBeast
  • Bootloaders
    • Chimera v4.0.1
  • Customize
    • Basic Boot Options
    • GraphicsEnabler=Yes
    • Hibernate Mode - Desktop
    • Kext Dev Mode
    • Use KernelCache
    • Verbose Boot
Everything worked except Audio and network.  I got 1/2 working.

  • Found this thread (Link) and it lists this driver kext (Link)
  • I had trouble with previous kexts but I got it to work using this utility (Link)
NOTE: I installed 10.10.1 and I lost networking so it looks like every time there is an upgrade, you'll have to reload networking.