Thursday, April 17, 2014

How to build your own virtual LAN network on one machine with VMware Player

I have one laptop here that I am trying to test out some configurations on.  The problem is that the one VM can't see the DHCP server.  They weren't on the same network.  How could they be?  The laptop isn't plugged in to any network at all.  There is no network cable plugged in to it.  Here is how you configure it to work.

After creating your virtual machine edit the virtual machine settings.

Next locate the Network Adapter.

You are looking for the setting "LAN Segment".  Select LAN Segment and choose "LAN Segment 1".  Make sure you remember if you choose 1 or 2 because you have to set all of them on the same. 

If you want you can also create your own and name it whatever you want if it is easier.  You just have to click the LAN Segment button.  Click Add and name it whatever you want.  After clicking Ok it should show up in the drop down box.

VMware Player version: 5.0.2 Build - 1031769