Friday, June 13, 2014

Send to Mail Recipient not showing up when right clicking a file

It worked just fine but was not associated with anything.  After trying to set defaults, this is where things went bad.  I did figure out at least how to bring it back to a working.

Other posts I've read talked about grabbing it from the default profile and copying it over but it still never changed.  To get to the sendto folder click start and in the search box type shell:sendto.

Other posts talked about deleting it and creating your own through note pad by type Mail and saving it as Mail Recipient.MAPIMail.  I tried that also and that didn't work.  No matter what, it looked like something wasn't linked.

I then found this page -> Link which has all the default reg keys.  I downloaded and installed the mapimail reg key.  My icon though still was white file that didn't look right.  I then deleted the extension .MAPIMail. Nothing happened.  I then typed mapimail all lower case and hit enter and the icon switched back to an email looking icon.

Now to set this program to use this feature, go to Start -> type in the search box: Default Programs -> Click it.  Now select Set your default programs.  Select your email program and look for the MAPI section and make sure it is checked.  Click Save and now it should be working again.

I did find one problem.  If you are using AOL Desktop 9.7 there isn't a MAPI box to check.  AOL support on their site says their should be but there still isn't.  I found this page here -> Link that tells you to do the following:
  1. Click the "Settings" button on the toolbar
  2. Click the "A-Z" tab
  3. Click the "AOL as Default" link
  4. Click OK
After doing that, clicking the Mail Recipient context menu would open in AOL.