Sunday, April 24, 2011

Creating a Repeater Bridge with DD-WRT

***NOTE: Running   DD-WRT v24-sp2 (04/09/11) std-nokaid - build 16758M NEWD Eko ***

This was currently setup with a Linksys WRT160N v1.0.  This can be done with any supported routers.  Please refer to to see if the router you have is compatible.

My settings are:

Click the Setup Tab

Basic Setup -> WAN Connection
-> Type Connection Type: Disabled
-> STP: Disabled

Network Setup -> Router IP ->
-> Local IP Address: (Assuming AP is
-> Subnet Mask:
-> Gateway:
-> Local DNS:

Advance Routing -> Operating Mode
 -> Operating Mode : Router

Dynamic Routing
->Interface: LAN & WAN

Static Routing ->
-> Gateway

Click Save, Click the Wireless Tab 

Basic Settings -> Wireless Physical Interface wl0
-> Wireless Mode: Client Bridge
-> Wireless Network Mode: N-Only (this will change depending on your setup)
-> Wireless Network Name (SSID): xyz
-> Network Configuration: Bridge

Click Save, Click the Services Tab

Services -> DNSMasq: Disabled

Click Save, Click the Security Tab

Security -> Firewall Protection -> SPI Firewall : Enabled (for the moment)

Additional Filters ->
-> Filter Proxy: Unchecked
-> Filter Cookies: Unchecked
-> Filter Java Applets: Unchecked
-> Filter ActiveX: Unchecked

Block WAN Requests ->
-> Block Anonymous WAN Requests (ping): Unchecked
-> Filter Multicast: Checked
-> Filter WAN NAT Redirection: Unchecked
-> Filter IDENT (Port 113): Unchecked

Firewall Protection ->
->SPI Firewall : Disabled

Click Apply Settings, Click the Status Tab -> Wireless Status

Open a command prompt and type ping once you start getting a reply, try the internet to make sure it works.  We need to go back and change one setting...

Click the Wireless Tab 

Basic Settings -> Wireless Physical Interface wl0
-> Wireless Mode: Repeater Bridge

Click Apply Settings

If you still have the command window open you will notice it can't ping the ip but it should be able to in a minute.

Under the Virtual Interfaces...

Virtual Interfaces ->
-> Add -> Make a new SSID (ex: xyz2)

->Wireless SSID Broadcast: Disable
->AP Isolation: Disable
-> Network Configuration: Bridged

Click Apply Settings, connect to the new AP and the ping should work, also the internet