Friday, May 6, 2011

How to Move your iTunes Library

This should work if you want to run it from an external hard drive or just to move it from an old computer to a new computer.


Open iTunes Preferences:
Mac: Choose iTunes > Preferences.
Windows: Choose Edit > Preferences.

Select "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library" and click Ok

So what iTunes does is copy any files you copied in to iTunes that aren't stored in the default iTunes directory.

Default iTunes locations:

Mac OS X: /Users/username/Music
Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\%username%\My Documents\My Music\
Windows Vista or Windows 7: \Users\%username%\My Music\

At this point copy the files to an external drive.  If they were already stored on an external drive, you don't have to do anything.  Also at this point you can map a drive to the other computer and copy it directly to the new computer's hard drive.

Copy the music from the external to the local hard drive if that is your choice.


Open your iTunes Preferences again:
Mac: Choose iTunes > Preferences.
Windows: Choose Edit > Preferences.

Click Advanced and  click change.  Now navigate to where your music will be located. Click ok

*** THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT *** Make sure iTunes is closed....

Next, open iTunes while holding down the Option key (Mac) or Shift key (Windows).

This will pop up a window that will ask you to choose your library.  You will be most likely looking for a file called "iTunes Library.itl". At this point everything should be there that you had in your previous library.

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