Monday, February 20, 2012

How to Create an Boot Image for a Linux Live CD

First off:  The image can not exceed 640x300 and can only contain 16 colors.

yum -y install syslinux
*You need ppmtolss16 and lsstoppm from syslinux package

To convert a gif to lss16: giftopnm <"name-of-the-pic".gif | ppmtolss16 > "name-of-boot-image".lss
*Before you type it remove the quotes

The splash image is located in ../livecd-2.0.4/linux-live.sl4/cd-root/boot

The splash config file can change the txt at the beginning.

/etc/redhat-release is what the text shows while booting

Menus work just like the normal install in "/"

Desktop background is located in /livecd-2.0.4/customize/s1/default.png
*default.png can't be named anything else.  The directory is either s1 or sl.

CentOS 4.3 was the version used when trying to complete this.