Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vipre 5.0 Business Site status in console goes from Connecting to Disconnected

I was having this problem and what ever I did couldn't fix it.

Things I've tried:

  1. Making sure all the services listed here were started
  2. I restarted the VIPRE Business Site Service.
  3. I restarted the Microsoft SQL Server, Sunbelt Instance. (Instructions here)
  4. I then tried to repair the install.  This got me something different.  When launching the VIPRE Business Console, it loaded the migration or upgrade wizard.  It failed and it would give me this error:  "The connection to the VSS failed.  Please check that the VSS has started." (FYI VSS stands for VIPRE Site Service, not Volume Snapshot Service).
I was out of ideas, then I found this.  Link

None of the article worked except for this:  

If the VSSconfig.xml file is 0 KB please rename it to 'VSSconfig.bak' and then restart the VIPRE Business Site Service.

The VSSconfig.xml is located in C:\Programdata\GFI Software\Enterprise\Configuration

Renamed the file, launched the console, and it connected!

Note:  You may have to add the server after launching it.